Xiaomi Essential


Of The Xiaomi Essential

The Xiaomi Essential is the perfect escooter for those who are just looking to run some errands, do a short commute or just get around town. It is Xiaomi’s base model escooter, letting you get into the world of escooters without having to blow your budget. This however doesn’t mean that you are being left short in terms of features.

Powerful Motor

The Xiaomi Essential boasts a powerful 250w motor, letting you achieve a top speed of 20kph and cover up to 20km on a single charge. Like many Xiaomi models, this is perfect for just getting around town, running into shops and just going about your day.

Xiaomi Essential – Foldable Design

When you get to your destination, you can just fold up your escooter and bring it with you thanks to its compact folding design and low weight of just 12kg. Speaking of stopping, that won’t be a worry thanks to the mechanical disc brakes which offer you powerful stopping power. Combine this with the energy recovery system brake that will recharge the battery when braking and you have a scooter that lets you live life to the fullest.

Xiaomi Essential’s Display

The bright display will let you see monitor the status of your escooter, seeing everything from your speed and battery to light status and other ride statistics. Overall we would say that the escooter is the perfect choice for those unsure if scooters are for them. Purchase with confidence from us here at Green Electric Scooters.



Get the escooter that is perfect for those who want to make short journeys and zip about town. The Xiaomi Essential can cover up to 20km at a max speed of 20kph. Then, when you get to your destination just fold up your escooter and bring it with you thanks to the lightweight setup of only 12kg. The high quality, skid resistant tyres will keep you steady and safe on the road while also letting you keep punctures at bay. Get into the world of escooters with the Xiaomi Essential.

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Additional information


Variety: Adult Scooter

Minimum Age: 16 and over

Top Speed: 12mph/20kph

Range: 12.5 Miles / 20km

Accelerator: Thumb Press

App: Mi Home App

Brake: Front & rear double braking system

Cruise Control Setting: Yes

Drivetrain: Front wheel drive

Product Weight: 12.5kg

Folding: Yes

Speed Settings: 3 – Pedestrian, standard and sport

Maximum Rider Weight: 100kg

IP Rating: IP54


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