Xiaomi 1S – Review

In our in-depth 2021 ‘Xciting’ Xiaomi 1S review, we will cover the features, stats, and specs of this electronic scooter. Its great performance offers good value for money. That is why it is much cheaper to ride it than to ride competitors. It is also powerful. We stock the Xiaomi 1S here.

Xiaomi 1S- Specs at a Glance
  • Water Resistance – IP54
  • Max Rider Weight – 100 Kg
  • Weight – 12.5 Kg
  • Range – 30 km
  • Tested Top Speed – 23km/h
Xiaomi 1S – Features
  • Good Value for Money
  • Good Performance for Price
  • Full Folding
  • Lightweight

Xiaomi 1S Overview

The frame of this electric scooter is fully folding just like most of the escooters on the market these days. Therefore, it is easy to pack up, store and transport the ride. One of the coolest things about this escooter is regenerative braking. We will discuss more braking under battery life and charging. Regenerative braking allows you to push for an extra mile since it converts kinetic brake energy into power.

The Xiaomi 1S features a great aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frame. That is why it offers a remarkably robust ride. It weighs just 12.5 kg, so it is incredibly lightweight. It is easy to store and transport this escooter due to its folding frame and super lightweight. It is one of the lightest escooters on the market because of such a weight, but it is worth the price.

What is the Recommended Age and Weight?

Xiaomi recommends this electronic scooter for riders over the age of 16. Remember that this escooter supports weights of up to 220 lbs (100 kg). The variables, like incline, terrain, weight, etc., impact the overall performance of the electronic scooter. We also offer a range of kids electric scooters.

What Are the Range and Distance?

The range is approximately 18.5 miles (30 km).

Xiaomi 1S– Battery Life & Charging

1S features a beefy lithium-ion battery. Its large power supply offers safe and durable performance. It also uses a fifth-generation smart battery management system (SBMS). SBMS boasts six smart protections, so it keeps the battery safe and extends the lifespan of the battery. The purpose of the SBMS is to protect against, overheating, overcharging, overcurrent, overvoltage, and many more.

It is easy to download the Mi Home App to your phone. Use the app to monitor the condition of your battery. If there is a fault, the app alerts you immediately. The battery is not removable. It integrates smoothly within the frame. It does compromise on design or exposes electricals.

One of the best additions is regenerative braking. We did not expect to see regenerative braking from a cheap model like this. Regenerative braking converts braking energy to power the motor and to help you squeeze out an extra mile.

Xiaomi 1S – Design and Ergonomics

In this part of our 2021 Xiaomi 1S review, we will look at design and ergonomics. It a cost-effective choice for most commuters because it excels at both. Xiaomi continues innovating on its design as it maintains its Mi M365 aesthetic. One of the best additions is the addition of regenerative braking. Finding regenerative braking in this low-cost electronic scooter surprised us.

Even though Xiaomi uses air-filled tires prone to puncturing, it fills the tires with puncture protection fluid. That is why you can still ride your escooter, even after running over a sharp object. In case these events occur, you will have much more control. This is especially important for roadside safety.

Xiaomi 1S lacks any mentioned suspension. The lack of suspension was a slight concern to us. Riders can benefit from the rear suspension, even though the pneumatic tires absorb some impact. This supports our sentiment that the design of Xiaomi 1S is for roadside use.

Are you in Europe? Do not worry because Xiaomi 1S meets all EU requirements, so it is more likely to be legal in your region. As mentioned above, it is extremely easy to transport and store this electronic scooter because of its lightweight and fully folding frame.

Build Quality and Ease of Use

In this part of our Xiaomi 1S review, we will look at the build quality and ease of use. Considering Xiaomi 1S’s competitive price tag, it is up there in terms of build quality. It provides a highly durable yet lightweight ride since it boasts an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. That is why it one of the strongest yet versatile electronic scooters. One of the remarkable additions is regenerative braking. The braking feature is usually reserved for expensive models.

The Smart Battery Management System adds to the brilliant build quality. SBMS protects both the rider and battery from various potential faults. This model meets all the strict EU standards, further attesting to the overall build quality of this model. That is why it is legal to use this eScooter on the road in most countries.

Ergonomically speaking, it is extremely easy to use Xiaomi 1S. It is easy to pack, transport, and commute because of its folding frame. It also easy to transport because it only weighs around 12.5 kg.

However, it can support weights of up to 220 lbs (100 kg), even though it weighs just 12.5 kg. It supports weights 8 times its weight. Xiaomi spares no expense, so it uses various design choices and superior materials throughout production.

Safety and Usability on the Road

In this important section of our 2021 Xiaomi 1S review, we will look at the safety and usability on the road. You know that roadside rider safety is important. One small mistake can change the life of the rider. We will start with safety. Xiaomi 1S protects the rider using various features, including responsive brakes, puncture-protected tires, and SBMS. However, we believe they sacrificed suspension to keep it cost-effective. This is because this model comes with little to no shock absorption. The two pneumatic tires absorb shock, even though it does not feel enough. If you stick to flat and even roads, you will have no problem with the lack of suspension. We strongly believe this model is ideal for roadside use because it does not have off-road functionality. We were able to make sharp and sudden stops on demand because the rear disc brakes are remarkably responsive. This model offers greater awareness because of its front and rear LED light and side reflectors. Therefore, you will see, stay seen, and stay safe on the road. Also, you can easily alert unaware pedestrians and other traffic to your presence using the integrated horn. Even though the horns and lighting are well and good, we highly encourage you to wear appropriate safety gear as you ride your escooter at night or on the road. You can wear gloves, a helmet, a high visibility jacket, etc. You can read more about the legality of escooters in Ireland in our blog.

Is the Xiaomi 1S Waterproof?

IP54 means that you are encouraged to avoid rain and continued levels of moisture, even though it offers mild water resistance. In fact, Xiaomi does not recommend riders riding in the rain for a long time. Click here to learn more about IP ratings.

In conclusion, this is an excellent budget scooter – offering ease of portability and good performance at a great price.