A team of experts in the field of e-scooters founded Kugoo back in 2015. Challenged by the
increasing number of automobiles producing harmful substances that affect the environment, the
company launched its first “Cool Green” escooter that was not only a best-seller but also
helped protect the environment and allowed millions of people to commute in a new and
innovative way.

Kugoo’s research and development team as well as its engineers are highly motivated by the
challenges faced while developing the state-of-the-art escooter. The company’s name is
known throughout the globe thanks to its customers and this inspires the company’s team to
provide the best escooters.

Kugoo eScooters and eBikes

Kugoo is currently one of the world’s leading e-scooter manufacturers with a wide distribution. They produce adult and also children’s electric scooters.

channel across Europe, which includes countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, and
many others.

The company’s product line includes teenager-friendly e-scooters along with models that meet
the needs of hardcore e-scooter riders. Kugoo’s highly experienced team of engineers is
constantly developing new technologies aimed at improving the riding experience through the
implementation of unique features.