Kugoo Kirin Mini 2 – Child’s Scooter – Review

Are you looking for the ideal gift for kids? The latest model of the Kirin Mini 2 is an escooter that has been specially designed for young kids but it also comes with the manufactured with the same robust alloy as the bike designed for adults. Escooters happen to be a great gift for younger kids but in the market, you will find a lot of models made for kids that cannot stand up to the rigors that young kids put them up to. In this honest review, I will discuss the specifications of the Kirin Mini 2 escooter and tell you what we thought of this e-scooter model. We stock this particular model here.

Kugoo Kirin Mini 2 – Specs at a Glance
  • Water Resistance – IP54
  • Max Rider Weight – 65 Kg
  • Weight – 8.9 Kg
  • Range – 10 km
  • Tested Top Speed – 15km/h
Kugoo Kirin Mini 2 – Features
  • Good Value for Money
  • Fun for Children
  • Full Folding
  • Lightweight

Kugoo Kirin Mini 2 Overview

Since time immemorial, scooters have always been popular young kids. Some time way back in the 90’s, I used to own one. In recent years, there have been many advances in battery technology as well as in electric motor technology which has seen a huge surge in the popularity of e-scooters among young kids world over.

Though the e-scooters used by young kids use the same technology as adult electronic scooters, they tend to be smaller and they also use less power and this makes them safer to ride for younger children. In most instances, you will find that the e-scooters used by young kids tend to have a maximum speed of around 10km/hr-15km/hr.

Kugoo a world renowned e-bike and e-scooter manufacturer has the latest offering of the Kirin Mini 2 which is in many ways akin to the wildly popular S1 adult ebike though it can best be likened to a minor version of the adult brand. In this review, the focus will be on the general build quality of the Kirin Mini 2 as well as the general technical specifications of the e-scooter.

Laws Around E-Scooters and Children

Riding escooters can be a lot of fun but like all electric vehicles, there are special considerations that must be taken into account for a person to drive them in the Republic of Ireland. Across most of Europe, the law permits e-scooter owners to drive them in public spaces but there is a limitation on the maximum speed and power that you can use in these areas. However, the law does not permit a child to drive an e-scooter on public roads as this would put them in a lot of danger. However, in the Republic of Ireland, laws relating on the use of e-scooters are more restrictive than in European countries. Though it is legal to own and even hire e-scooters, you cannot drive an e-bike on public spaces whether it is an adult or children’s e-scooter. However, this is likely to change soon.

As per current Republic of Ireland laws, a child can only operate an e-bike on your own private property or in any other private property as long as they have the personal consent of the land owner. According to the law, it is illegal for a child to operate an e-bike on public land for example in a public park, playground or on a pavement.

However, in European countries, the law tends to vary. European nations however tend to be more tolerant towards the use of e-scooters since they are viewed as being more eco-friendly compared to automobiles or other modes of public transportation. Before acquiring an e-scooter, it is best that you check and understand the laws in your locality.

What Do You Get On Purchasing a Kirin Mini 2 Kids E-Scooter?

The assembly of the bike was pretty quick as it only required the unfolding of the steering shaft of the bike and proper screwing in of the attached handlebars. Once this was completed all that I needed to do was to charge the battery for a few hours and then the bike was good to go. Though you can use the bike directly without charging the battery, the manufacturers recommend that you charge the battery so as to avoid spoiling its lifespan.

How Do You Use The Kirin Mini 2 E-Scooter?

This bike has a simplified design and it has been specially designed so that kids can use it more easily. The bike has a deck that contains an on/off button that once turned on usually activates a line of LED lights (these usually indicate the battery power) and a line of coloured LED lights that usually show the power mode of the bike (Blue is the lowest while red is the fastest). The coloured LED light modes usually increase by 5kn/hr at a time. This means that blue is 5km/hr, yellow is 10km/hr and finally red is 15km/hr. To change the power mode of the bike, all you need to do is press the on/off button quickly… If you long press the power button, the bike will turn off.

Unlike e-scooters that have been designed for use by adults, the Kirin Mini 2 does not have a twist or thumb throttle. Instead, the bike has a foot throttle that is usually activated once you kick off the scooter to get it moving. I can honestly attest to the fact that the power of the scooter comes on very smoothly and none of my children were unable to control the movement of the scooter once it turned on. Should you need to access the brakes on the scooter, you can turn them on by using the red thumb lever that is found on the left hand side of the handlebars. The brakes will effectively reverse the motor of the e-bike and bring it to a quick standstill. The bike also has a friction plate that is located on the underside of the rearguard. Should your brakes fail to work, you can compress the rear mudguard with the heel of your foot and it will act as auxiliary brakes.

Is The Kirin Mini 2 E-Scooter Portable?

This e-scooter can easily be folded and unfolded. To do this, all you simply need to do is to turn up the steering wheel, unclamp the lever that is found at the base of the steering column, fold it backwards and it will loosely clip on the top part of the rear mudguard. It is however worth mentioning that the scooter weighs around 9kgs. This means that a young child cannot carry it for a long period of time.

However, the Kugoo Mini 2 folds down quite easily and quickly.

What Is The Performance Rate Of The Kugoo Mini 2?

This e-scooter is designed in such a way that it can coast down the highway without being too fast.  Most Kugoo adult scooters with a power of 250w/350wcan do around 25km/hr. The Kugoo Mini 2 e-scooter has maximum power of 150w and when cruising at maximum power, it can reach speeds of about 15km/hr… This speed is ideal for a kid.

What Is The Battery Capacity Of The Kirin Mini 2 E-Scooter?

The battery of this e-bike is located underneath the deck of the bike and it usually has a total energy capacity of 86 watt hours.  Once my kid rode on the bike only when it had one LED light (This means that the battery was almost over), and they were able to ride the bike for around 45 minute. On this particular ride, we were driving on a steep driveway surface… This suggests that should we have been driving on a flat surface, the drive distance may have been longer.

What Is The Build Quality Of The Kirin Mini 2?

The first impression that I had of this bike is that it was built of sturdy aluminum metal. Unlike other bikes designed for kids that I have come across in the past, it didn’t feel like a toy rather it felt like a smaller version of the adult S1 that was built for kids. Considering the build quality, I think that any person who purchases this e-bike will agree that they are getting value for money. This is considering that this bike can also be used by teenagers or even some older adults who are not too weighty. Additionally, this bike has a few extra design touches that cannot be found in other bikes such as a rear brake light and even a night stand.

Final Thoughts On The Kirin Mini 2 E-Scooter

I would say that this bike is ideal for kids. Honestly, my daughters enjoyed trying it out. It has a very robust design and can handle abuse by young kids fairly well. Apart from being used by kids it can also be used by younger adults.

There are limitations on where e-scooters can be used in the UK. I personally live on a farm… Being a private property, there are limitations on where my kids can use an e-scooter on the property. If you reside in a locality with a lot of open spaces in European nations, you will have much more choice compared to me since your kids can ride the bike in open spaces such as parks.

This e-bike is designed to be used by kids. It is not fast and it also has a great braking system. I have daughters aged between 9-14 years and they all enjoyed using this e-scooter. They also did not experience any accidents while using the Kirin Mini 2.

If you are blessed with a property that has a lot of usable open space, your kids will really have a lot of fun with the Kirin Mini 2. It will well-designed, well-made and has a decent motor that offers great power and speed. As a parent, I would recommend that your kids ride this e-bike when wearing a helmet since an accident at speeds that are as low as 10km/hr can result in a serious head injury. If your kids may try stunts, I recommend that they also wear elbow and knee stunts.