Xiaomi Pro 2 – Review

Xiaomi has released its new Xiaomi Pro 2 scooter and it’s an updated version of their original M365 Pro. They decided to drop the difficult model number and replace it with something much cleaner calling it the Xiaomi Pro 2. It’s a very straightforward name that is much easier to read. However, as a consumer, you might be wondering what has changed between the two models beyond the name. Here, we will be going over the Xiaomi Pro 2 escooter and telling you all about it. We also stock the Mi Pro 2 here.

Xiaomi Pro 2 – Specs at a Glance
  • Water Resistance – IP54
  • Max Rider Weight – 100 Kg
  • Weight – 14.2 Kg
  • Range – 45 km*
  • Tested Top Speed – 35km/h
Xiaomi Pro 2 – Features
  • Good Range
  • Great Value
  • Update on Favourite Xiaomi M365
  • Great All-rounder

Xiaomi Pro 2 – Background

Xiaomi originally released its M365 Pro in the year 2019. It was meant to be a slightly upgraded version of the original M365 that came out 3 years prior. This is a model that was released and extremely popular throughout Europe. It started to gain popularity when Bird (a scooter hire company) purchased and put out hundreds of scooters on the streets for people to rent. In April of 2020, Xiaomi revealed that they would be making upgrades to the popular model and they would be unveiling other models including the Essential and Xiaomi 1S. While they did take time to get to the shores of the UK and Ireland due to COVID delays, they finally began hitting retailers around August 2020.

Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 – The Basics

Xiaomi designed the Pro 2 to be a fully foldable scooter. It’s designed by the tech giant Xiaomi and it is manufactured by Ninebot. Ninebot is a very reputable escooter manufacturer that even manufactures its brand called “Segway.” Much like the model proceeding it, the Pro 2 features a very easy and convenient-to-use folding design. It also features the same 45 km range and 25km/h speed. Some of the standout features are the cruise control feature that can make it easy to drive over long stretches and its front and rear lights for safety. It comes equipped with E-ABS brakes which makes it very safe to stop. It can be connected with the Xiaomi phone app called Mi Home. The overall base of the scooter is larger than its predecessor to accommodate a much larger battery.

The height of the handlebar is not fully adjustable because of the way the scooter folds. The scooter comes with a bespoke black and white box that weighs a total of 19kg and it needs some self-assembly although not much. You need to place the handlebars and screw them in to keep them in place. The package also comes with a spare tire that you can use when you need it.

Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 – The Design

The battery of the scooter is located near the base. The entire frame is made up of aluminum. Because of this, the entire scooter feels very sturdy and durable. The folding mechanism is extremely accessible and easy to use allowing the scooter to be folded in as little as a couple of seconds. However, the durable build quality and good battery come at the expense of the scooter’s weight. It is heavier than it looks sitting at 14.2 kg. You will find a heavier scooter will generally have better range. Therefore, it’s a tradeoff that you must decide whether or not it’s worth making. One of the main differences between its predecessor would be that the external wires aren’t nearly as noticeable on the newer model. While it would be great to not have to deal with external wires at all, that’s not necessarily something they’ve managed to do yet. Therefore, the cleaner design is much appreciated.

eScooter Display

The display on the Xiaomi Pro 2 looks very similar if not exactly like the one on its predecessor. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect many changes here. It will show everything from your speed to your battery level and even the mode you are riding in. The Pedestrian mode limits your max speed to 5km per hour which is considered walking speed. The standard mode limits your top speed to 25 km/h. Therefore, you’ll need to be in sport mode if you want to reach the scooter’s top speed which is 25 km/h.

Using the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2

The accelerator is a button that you will find on the right-hand handlebar. You will find a brake lever on the left-hand side which is similar to the one that you would find on a traditional bike. There is a very strong LED light that is built directly into the front handlebars for increased visibility during nighttime. While some have complained that the light that is included is far too bright, I beg to differ and think it’s a good addition.

You will find the Pro 2 comes with a red ring on its front wheel. For those knowledgeable about Xiaomi scooters, that is a signifier that you have a more powerful model. Whereas, the Pro 2 does come with extra yellow reflectors that you will find across the new models being released.

Riding The Pro 2

Much like the previous model, the newer Pro 2 is well-balanced. It offers a great ride because it is balanced and easy to maneuver. While making tight turns is still problematic, it’s generally a good riding experience. If you aren’t used to riding a skateboard or even a manual scooter, you may find it nerve-wracking at first. However, you’ll quickly learn that it’s very user-friendly and intuitive. It has a low enough center of gravity and the accelerator and braking functions are easily recognizable to those who have ridden bikes in the past.

The Xiaomi tires that are included are 8.5 inches in diameter. They are air-filled to make the ride smoother overall. Unfortunately, there is no suspension on the scooter itself. Therefore, it’s a tradeoff that is made in its design decision. While the ride is smooth on the ground that is even, it can get bumpy on uneven surfaces. I have ridden a lot of Xiaomi scooters in and around the countryside where the roads and sidewalks aren’t necessarily the Government’s highest priority for maintaining and I found the ride to be very comfortable. You just don’t want to go tackling cobblestones with your electric scooter or things can get very uncomfortable and bumpy fast.

One of the annoyances of riding this type of scooter has to be dealing with scraping the underneath when transitioning from pavement to road. While you could certainly avoid doing this by lifting the base of the scooter as you are transitioning, that’s not always practical for everyone. It’s something you should be aware of when you are riding in and around the city.

You will always want to protect your head whenever you are riding a scooter. Wearing a helmet is a must. A lot of the injuries that occur while riding a scooter happen because a pothole or something else catches the wheels.

Battery and Range

The battery you will find in the newer Pro 2 has the same capacity and power as the older model. Because of this, it’s no surprise that it retains the same top speed and range. The range is certainly accurately advertised at 45 km but the top speed isn’t at 25 km/h. According to Xiaomi, the battery upgrade allows for a faster charge time of 8 hours and a longer lifespan. If true, this is probably even more important for the long-term practicality of the scooter. If the rider allows the battery to drop below 5%, the scooter performance will degrade. If you’re looking for a kids electric scooter Ireland – we also stock those.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on the Xiaomi Pro 2

As you can see, Xiaomi hit on a lot of key things with this newer model. Much like the older model, the Pro 2 is very difficult to beat for its price. However, it does feel like Xiaomi could have gone a bit further with the upgrades. Unfortunately, there isn’t a huge difference between the two. With that being said, if the battery claims live up the hype, it could be worth upgrading. This, along with its reasonable pricing, Xiaomi has another hit on its hands. It could be considered unfair to detract half of a star simply because Xiaomi put out such a good model that it had little to upgrade.

FAQs about the Xiaomi Pro 2

Is Mi Pro 2 worth it?

Yes, the Mi Pro 2 is worth it and a great value low/mid range scooter at a very good price.

How fast does a Xiaomi Pro 2 go?

The Xiaomi Pro 2 goes 15.5miles per hour or 25kmph.

How much is Xiaomi Pro 2?

We sell the Xiaomi Pro 2 for €615.00

Is Xiaomi Pro 2 waterproof?

The Xiaomi Pro 2 is not completely water proof – it has  IP54 certification – so is okay for mild damp but I would not recommend riding it on very rainy days, bad weather, snow or in general on wet surfaces due to the nature of the vehicle.