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Looking for an electric scooter for kids? We provide a high-quality range of fully safety-tested electric scooters for children in Ireland.

Our range of kids electric scooters is small but we offer two of the best models on the market.

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Why Buy a Kid’s e-Scooter from Us?

Our brand is excellent in bringing a full of fun experience for every adventurous kid in Ireland. Our electric scooters for children are high quality products that your kid will surely love, and it is perfect for those young, and young in mind who seek thrill in their lives.

An electric scooter for kids is a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, or a reward. It is best paired with safety accessories like helmet, knee pads and such. It is such a fun and safe way to spend time outside with your little adventurer.

We Offer Two Models for Children Currently – Perfect for Christmas and Birthdays

We have two great child’s electric scooters which is currently on the market, the Kugoo Kirin Mini Mod and the Segway Ninebot Zing E8. Both are suitable for kids who are 8 years and older, as of now we are currently considering having a large model of electric scooter that is perfect for teenagers, or any specific age range. It will look like a full-sized foldable model of the kid’s electric scooter. However, our kids electric scooter is slightly different from the other, both items have a shorter braking distance and a lower maximum speed which means it’s perfect to ride on private property. Having lower top speeds makes the electric scooters a safe choice.

So if you are interested in having children’s electric scooter, and you are located in Ireland, take a look at our shop and checkout our website and look at our product range and accessories available.

Things to Consider When Buying a E-Scooter for Children in Ireland

If you’re thinking of buying an electric scooter for kids then here are some questions to ask before you do so.

Is this Model of Kid’s Electric Scooter Reliable?

Before we talk about anything else, there is one sure-fire way to make sure you buy a great product… and that’s to check out other customers reviews on the site. If there are a ton of parents singing the praises of your choice in their child’s electric scooter, the chances are your little one will love it and it will be built to last.

If the reviews of the kid’s electric scooter or kids electric toys are awful, start looking elsewhere. We’d like to take this moment to assure you that our children’s electric scooters in Ireland have been fully vetted for your safety and fun, and we offer them over a wide price range.

Is it Safe?

The second question on any parent’s mind is whether the electric scooter is safe or not, as well as the kid’s electric scooter. But you should probably shop for accessories that are going to keep your child safe while riding the escooter such as a helmet, elbow and knee pad. Educate your kid that they should never ride an escooter in Ireland without their safety gears and be mindful of the speed.

Bikes and all mobile kids electric toys for kids are the same case. So being mindful of the speed and safety accessories should be the first step in care in terms of the escooter for kids. We can assure you that there are no faulty kids escooters that are available on sale. We advise that you teach and encourage your kids to be sensible and always speed at a lower speed to avoid accidents.

Motor Capacity of a Children’s Electric Scooter

The maximum speed of full sized e-scooters is up to 24 mph without any alterations to the engine. If you choose a scooter that goes this fast and has this sort of speed then you are risking your kids. WIth a lower speed your kids will be safe.

Pick one whose motor is limited and has a maximum speed of 8-10 mph, it is suitable for kids. This is more than fast enough and the right speed to be thrilling while offering maximum safety, but not fast enough to do serious damage if they fall off.

You can get this degree of power and a speed of up to 10 mph from a 250 watt scooter engine. While this might be fine for those who are under the age of ten, your average teen is going to want a bit more power than that and will want a higher speed. Again, limit them to 15-20 mph and don’t go for the full sized adult model with a higher speed.

You might even mix it up for them somewhat by providing an off-road type escooter. This way, they can use it on the bike tracks and explore more countryside and many destinations. The need to handle the scooter with safety and the speed won’t even be a consideration.

Legislation in your Area

Before you commit to buying an escooter for your kids, checkout the legislation in your country. If it happens that you reside in a specific area or country where it’s’ illegal to drive on the road or even the pavement, we recommend you buy the off-the road escooter.

However, if you live in an area where they are allowed to drive on the road and sidewalk, then it is great! You can purchase an electric scooter at our shop. But! You must still educate your child with the road rules and signs.

The sale of these items is perfectly legal in Ireland, and it is also legal for a child to have their own electric scooter, but it is illegal to ride one on the road. The law in Ireland is being reconsidered according to the latest news, so if your kid has one, they must wear an accessory that can keep them safe such as a helmet. Our shop will be having those accessories in order to keep them safe.

Size of the Electric Scooters for Kids.

The size of a kid’s electric scooter varies depending on the age range of the user. The best thing to do is pick one that is appropriate for the age of your kids, because a five-year-old kid could not operate a ten-year old’s scooter, right? That is why you and your kid must choose, and both agree with the type of the kid’s electric.


You should check the maximum weight capacity of each of the scooters you are planning to buy for your kid that can support their weight to make sure that it will not break or crack under your child’s weight. Because there is an instance where an off-road electric scooter broke because of some tricks and jumps of the rider. With this you should ensure that the scooter of your preferences has a tyre that can take the weight in any circumstances, if your kid lands badly and the frame snaps, they might get hurt. You would not want that; you can prevent that by ensuring their safety.

Charging and Range

Check the charging hours of the electric scooter that you would want to buy, we can agree that lengthy charging hours might turn you off from purchasing since you knew that your kid would use them all day long. You can check our shop’s site about the charging time of our brand, approximately our electric scooter needs 5 to 10 hours of charging.

Solid Tyres or Air Filled

Solid tyres or air-filled tyres? One of the many reasons parents choose the solid one for their kids electric scooter is it’s nearly impossible to be punctured. Also, we all agree that tyres require less care unlike the air-filled tyres that need to be pumped occasionally. However, it can make the ride harder than the air-filled ones, but it can be a good choice and can enhance the speed of the motorbike. You can also be assured that it will not burst when in motion.

Shopping Experience and Customer Service

Another important part of purchasing an electric scooter for kids is the shopping experience and customer service. We provide excellent and we also offer home delivery in Ireland as well as a wide selection of payment methods on top of great customer service after purchase.


Also known as the range of the electric scooter, you need to consider how many miles your kid can do while riding their electric scooter before it runs out of battery. If it cannot support less than that crucial school run, then rethink and choose another brand. Because remember, the more that you hit the maximum speeds the shorter the battery hours life.

Some electric scooters and kids’ electric toys have the same range of ten miles, but some twenty miles. Whatever you choose, make sure to check if it covers the entire length of the travel distance your kid does in a day. Calculate the miles of your kid’s travel and how many miles does the electric scooter can cover, check also if it is light in weight, how many hours of charging, and you might want to do a speed test.

In addition to your search check if the shop is registered, explore their product range, if they sell kids electric scooters for all ages. Check out the latest news, the press will surely publish articles about the trends, sale, and reviews about electric scooters in any brand.

On the other hand, if it runs out of battery it will encourage them to scoot more. Here are some tips to extend scooter battery life.

Children’s Electric Scooters: the FAQs

Keeping it Safe

The main thing about choosing scooters for kids is that you do your research and keep them safe. You have to accept and understand all of this information for the safety of your kid. If you read this far? Congratulations. Your child is likely to be as safe as houses and under your supervision while they play.

But keep in mind that when you checkout there is a VAT on any product you purchase, so choose wisely and make sure your choices are one of your preferences. If you want more info why not try our newsletter sign up via your web browser or get your shopping experience started.