The Himo C30R Max is one of the best electric bikes on the market with a whole host of premium features. Himo are part of the Xiaomi ecosytem meaning you are guaranteed the best of the best quality. It boasts a powerful 250w motor that is sure to keep you flying along all day. The motor is quiet, small and efficient meaning you can enjoy your day on the bike in peace. It is powered by Samsung batteries which have lot of power, low weight and a life cycle of up to 1500 charges. If you need to charge up on the go, the battery is also removable and charges up nice and quickly.

Himo C30R Max Details

The Himo C30R Max is one of Himo’s most premium electric bicycles. This means it is packed full of features and premium touches which we will go into more detail on later. The big news to hear first is the range of the C30R Max which is up to 75km per charge meaning you will have plenty of range to cover your days cycling. Add into this the 250w motor then you will have a happy day out on bike safe in the knowledge you will have plenty of power go wherever you like. The motor also uses an intelligent torque sensor meaning you can pick just what percentage of assistance you will get and gives you a much smoother feeling of acceleration.

When it comes to stopping, you have powerful disk brakes at both the front and rear meaning you can be safe come rain or shine. The 9-speed Shimano Sora derailleur and cassette will work smoothly and efficiently as you travel.


Being one of Himo’s more premium bikes, the C30R Max comes with premium features. Working from the top down, it has a very bright and coloured screen for you to use and see all of bikes info such as battery, power level, speed, etc. You can also enjoy a whopping 5 power levels to choose from versus the usual 3 giving you more choice to get the perfect level of assistance. It is also very light for an ebike coming in at just 23kg. Your saddle is a premium Selle Royale one sure to keep you comfy all day long and the built in lights mean you will be seen both day and night.

Some assembly required



Looking for something a little bit more robust? The C30R Max is the choice for you. It has a whopping range of up to 75km all in a relatively lightweight package. Get all the benefits of a hybrid bike frame with a powerful electric motor in a comfy, upright position. Add into this, the fact Himo is owned by Xiaomi, the reliable 9-speed Shimano rear cassette giving you a total of 18 gears and Tektro disc brakes and you have an excellent ebike.


Delivery – 3-10 Business Days

Additional information


Max Range – 75km Pedal Assist

Max Speed: 25kph

Rated Voltage: 48V

Charging Time: 5H

Product Weight: 23kg

Maximum Load: 100kg

IP Rating: IPX7


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