How To Keep eBikes Safe And Secure

The last few years have seen many people embrace and use ebikes as their primary means of transport. This has also made ebikes a target for thieves, with more than 2 million cases of bike thefts reported in the United States alone. It is the same story overseas, with more than 400,000 cases reported in France and many more in Amsterdam. Cases of ebike thefts are more likely to increase in the coming days, calling for owners to take the necessary measures to keep their bikes secure.

Some of the best and straightforward ways to protect your ebike include installing a controller lock, a battery lock, as well as a lock alarm. Although some bike manufacturers may have these security features as standard, most ebikes out there don’t. Taking your bike indoors can also help prevent it from becoming a target. While a modern bike storage locker may come in handy, you could also try modern and fail-safe ways to keep your ebike secure. Read on to learn more.

Types Of EBike Locks

Ebikes are considerably more expensive and relatively larger than a regular bike. They, however, share the same type of locks, with many people using chains, U-locks, and combination locks to secure their bikes. You, too, can use the same methods to secure your ebike. Here is an outline of the various locks and how to use them effectively.

  1. U-lock
    U-locks have been around for decades and are one of the best ways to secure your ebike. The rule of thumb here is to ensure the u-lock is just the right size for the bike and not too big. Using a massive U-lock on your bike will only make it vulnerable, as someone can use a crowbar to force the lock open. It would also be advisable to get a u-lock that locks on both sides. Anyone trying to cut the lock loose will thus have to make two cuts, making their work harder. Always look for a fixed object/rail to hook the lock and loop it through the rear tire. This is because rear tires are sturdier and harder to pry on.
  2. Chains
    A good chain and lock can help keep thieves at bay. Just like u-locks, one would have to cut in two places to cut the chain open. The chain isn’t however stretched out tight, making it hard to cut at a fixed point without it moving. While anchoring your bike on a sturdy stationary object will help deter most bike thieves, a determined one with an electric-powered grinder can cut through easily. These powered machines can, however, be noisy and could attract attention.
  3. Multiple Locks
    Using more than one lock to secure your ebike can help keep thieves at bay. This is because it would take longer to cut through the two locks, and also means you take security seriously. While it would be good to develop a habit of using multiple locks on your bike, it is especially important if you have to park in localities with lots of bike theft. Most ebike thieves look for soft targets, such as those that rely on the bike’s built-in security system or don’t use a security measure at all. Two locks would seem too much a hassle for them.

What Are the Best Ways to Secure Your -Bike?

Most people would go the U-lock way to secure their ebikes. While U-locks are effective, they too can be picked, a reason you should think of securing your bike in more than just one way. For example, registering your ebike would make it easier to track and retrieve should someone steal it. According to research, only about 2.4% of all stolen bikes are recovered. More bikes would have been recovered if the owners could track their bikes. Here are some of the best ways to keep your bike safe and secure.

Commuting And Locking Bikes When Not in Use
Many people have switched to riding ebikes to work or running errands, and with a good reason, ebikes are fun to ride and have a lower carbon footprint. Riding an ebike also provides you with an opportunity to exercise, thus an excellent way to keep fit. Nothing much is required to start riding your new ebike. You are good to go for as long as you know how to ride the regular bike.

As more and more people switch to riding ebikes from cars, cases of ebike thefts have been on the rise. Most thieves are in for fun and only want to joyride, with others stealing the bikes to make a quick buck. These petty thieves primarily target ebikes neglected in the driveway or poorly parked ones, for that matter. Most of these bikes will be sold off as a whole or dismantled and sold for parts. For these reasons and more, it would be advisable to ensure the bike is securely locked before rushing off. Locking the bike’s frame on something stationary isn’t enough; you still need to ensure everything else (accessories, battery, controller, etc.) are secured. You can keep thieves off your ebike by:

  1. Securing It’s Battery
    Most thieves will try to grab anything they can, especially if the bike is secured in place. The ebikes battery is usually the first thing they will go for. The best way to protect your bike’s battery from theft is to take it with you. Manufacturers make removing the battery relatively easy too. Remove and leave with the battery if possible. These batteries can fit in a backpack.
  2. Install a Battery GPS Tracker
    Installing a GPS tracker on the battery is another clever way to protect both the bike and the battery. The tracker, however, needs to be conspicuously installed in the battery unit for this tactic to work. Should anyone get away with it or the bike as well, you’ll have a better chance of tracking it down.
  3. Use an Ebike Battery Lock
    An Ebike battery lock is specially designed to keep it secured in the bike. It makes it almost impossible for anyone to remove the battery without your approval. The ABUS BLO Bos IT2.1 is an excellent example of a battery lock.
  4. Lock Or Remove The EBike Controller
    All the Ebikes electrical components are connected to the controller. The controller is thus connected to the display, motor, battery, and every other sensor the bike might have. Although some ebike controllers are removable, most aren’t. Make a habit of detaching and leaving with your controller if it’s removable. If not, then consider getting a lock for it.
  5. Secure the Ebike
    The GPS tracker isn’t enough to deter a determined thief. It would be best to secure the bike in place with either a chain or u-lock for added security.
  6. Install Other EBike Theft Deterrents
    There’s nothing like too much security. You can go the extra step and install an alarm system on the bike as well. Alarms are an excellent theft deterrent, and especially if hard to detect. Install the bike alarm under the seat post for improved efficiency. Most of these alarms will produce a high tone audible from miles away, sometimes lasting for more than 30 seconds. The alarm alone can catch the thief off-guard when set off, forcing them to flee, leaving the bike behind.