eScooter Maintenance Guide

Why Should You Maintain An Electric Scooter On A Regular Basis? Good question. Read on and learn why you need to maintain your escooter. The benefits of maintaining your electric scooter and also how to maintain it.

You should always strive to achieve prevention before maintenance. Essentially, you should aim to prevent possible issues before they actually develop into serious problems. Most electric scooters require a good amount of preventative maintenance for them to function properly. After all, most electric things need to be well cared for. With regards to electric scooters, you will need to properly need elements such as the tires, battery, motor, wires and more. We will now get into a complete list of all the components that you’ll need to maintain on a regular schedule. If you are still wondering what scooter to buy or what to look for – read our e-scooter buyer guide. Then if you are looking to buy an escooter – we can help.

This is essential to lower the chances of serious issues as well as improve how well and efficient the scooter actually works. This makes your scooter more reliable. We will now look at the two main options you have.

Preventative Maintenance:

  • Enables you to better understand the scooter
  • Drastically reduces the chances of hazards, especially fatal ones
  • Increases safety
  • Lowers the cost of repairs
  • Chances are you’ll be able to do some repairs on your own
  • The overall riding experience would be more fun

Corrective Maintenance:

  • You’ll be basically waiting for a disaster and issues to occur
  • More costly
  • Increased danger
  • You’ll need to hire a professional
  • Uncomfortable or bad riding experience
  • While the scooter is being repaired you’ll be unable to ride it. This means you’ll have to spend extra money to hire a taxi or rent a vehicle

When you focus on preventative maintenance this reduces the chances that your escooter would break down or experience serious issues. When you regularly maintain your scooter you’ll be able to notice small problems as they occur and before they develop in bigger problems. It will also prevent you from facing big hazards that are life threatening. This type of maintenance is very easy and are golden rules that everyone should follow. Even though the second option of corrective maintenance is much easier, it would mean bigger issues over time. By focusing on corrective maintenance, it will cause your escooter to function improperly more frequently and you’ll then have large problems to fix. This is more expensive since you’ll need to get professional help and purchase new parts.

EScooter Maintenance Guidelines

Mechanics are certainly not scary and you shouldn’t try to avoid them like the plague. With that said, there are many things you can do on your own and put off a visit unless there are more serious issues.

Now, before you reach for your tool kit, you should be aware that you don’t only need to mechanically maintain and repair your escooter. You will have to learn how to pay attention and connect with it.

Some tips for achieving this includes:

EScooter Tyre Care

When maintaining your eScooter, you need to pay particular attention to your tires. These should be maintained on a schedule since they are the only point in which the scooter connects to to the road or pavement. As a result, you need to check them very often. Basically, the actual condition of your tires would greatly affect the performance and overall condition of the scooter.

The tire pressure is very important since it is one of the main factors when it comes to tire health. The pressure in your tires would determine the smoothness of the ride. Therefore, it is best to ensure the tire pressure is between 36 to 37 rating so that you can enjoy a better quality ride. If your tire pressure is too low, this can cause the scooter to max out, even at slow speeds. Low tire pressure can also cause your rims to get damaged and even negatively impact the performance of your battery. On the other hand, when your tires have too much pressure, this can result in them getting easily burst. It can also cause poor handling and even an uncomfortable and bumpy ride.

Tire Maintenance Tips For EScooters


The correct pressure is important if you want to enjoy the best riding style and capabilities. For example, if you enjoy riding as fast as possible then you may believe that it is best to put the maximum amount of air that is allowed into the tires. However, this is completely false.

You need to look at the maximum amount of pressure that is allowed according to your scooter’s manufacturer and ensure that you never exceed it. On the other side, never put lower than the recommended minimum pressure. If you do then the following things will likely occur:

  • Slower speeds
  • The chances of causing damage to your rims are much higher
  • The battery would run out at an increased rate
  • The tire would wear out inconsistently

If you place higher than recommended pressure, then the following will likely happen:

  • Higher chance your tires would burst
  • Turning wouldn’t be as safe
  • Uncomfortable ride

EScooter Battery Maintenance

In your escooter, one of the most essential parts are the batteries. The batteries actually give you enough energy for the scooter to move. Basically, the battery contains stored energy and determines the highest speed that your scooter is capable of moving at as well as how far you can go. The performance of your battery is also determined on the type of terrain you’re riding on such as hilly areas which require more energy.

In order to keep your battery in great condition, you’ll have to ensure that you’re only using charges that are approved by the manufacturer. Most manufacturers will give a warranty on their batteries, you still need to adhere to their approved charges for the warranty to remain valid. Additionally, it is best to keep the manual within the box so that you can easily read it for any information you may need with regards to your scooter such as charging, maintenance, water levels etc. There are many ways that you can increase the life of your battery and they are as follows:

  • Always use an original charger that is properly set up according to your eScooter’s voltage
  • Store your scooter in areas where the temperature is more than zero degrees
  • Wait until your scooter is cooled before charging. Avoid charging soon after you finish a ride
  • Once the battery is charged, remove the plug
  • Make sure you don’t allow the battery to run down completely
  • If your battery runs all the way down, you should put it to charge as soon as the scooter cools down
  • If you don’t plan on using the scooter for a long period, then it is best that you place the battery in a battery tender charger. This actually fully charges the battery and controls the process to ensure the battery doesn’t get overcharged.

Check out our guide to increasing scooter battery life.

E-Scooter Brake Maintenance

Different escooters have different types of braking mechanisms such as the Xiaomi M365. When getting a particular brand and model, you should check the type of braking it use such as calipers or disc brakes. This is important because you need to know exactly what would be responsible for making your scooter stop. Your brakes have to be properly maintained on a regular basis so that they can continue to work well.

It is important to replace your brake pads regularly so that you can safely drive the scooter. This is important because the brake pads would naturally wear down after a certain amount of time and driving has passed. If your breaks stop working, you’ll have to check and see if the pads have to be replaced as well as check the brake cable extension and ensure it is also working. If you’re a bit on the heavier side, then you may have to deal with a brake failure issue eventually. So, if you are heavier, you should buy a scooter that is made for heavier persons to ensure that it can easily handle the extra weight.

Next, you will also need to regularly check your rims and discs and ensure they are fixed in their original position at all times. You should also use lubrication at the pivot of the brake so that it continues to work as it should. You’ll also have to thoroughly clean the scooter’s ball bearing which is located near to the brake circular. This is important because these tend to get dirty over time as you ride it. Whatever type of scooter you have, it is essential that your brakes work well and are properly serviced regularly.

Some things you should pay attention to include the caliper brakes shoes, drum brake shoes, brake pads, calipers etc. You have to ensure that your wheels can easily move and spin completely with ease. If this is not happening then you’ll need to fix them.

Fine break tuning guidelines:

You’ll need to place the scooter onto a platform so that the wheels can freely move and spin. Then, you’ll have to get Allen keys that are appropriately sized for your brake pads, brake shoes and brake wire. In most cases, the Allen key 5 will work for the brake wire. Remember that fine tuning your brakes will take some time and you need to be patient. Use the bar ends to remove the scooter grips.

Installation or Removal of the Scooter Grips

We have actually never written a post on this topic. Now, you’ve likely looked at videos doing this, however, we will try to put the entire process into words for everyone to easily understand.

The escooter’s grips are typically very easy to remove as well as put on, but there are lots of people who don’t know there is actually a trick to doing so. Make sure you keep on reading if you want to know how you can quickly and easily remove as well as put on grips or bar ends.

(We do suggest that you use hairspray, however, you can also utilize rubbing alcohol)

Removing the grips

If you have new grips then you’ll most likely want to get rid of the old ones and put in the new ones. So, we will look at how you can easily remove the original grips on your scooter.

If you have bar ends, you’ll have to remove them. You’ll need to hold onto the bar end very firmly and then turn it counter clockwise while pulling upwards at the same time. This will enable the bar to easily slide out easily. If your efforts aren’t successful, you’ll need to use a wrench and squeeze it tightly with it and pull. This should help to remove the bar ends and now you can remove the grips. If you have access to an air compressor, then this entire process would be much easier. However, if you don’t then you can easily do so using hairspray. Once you have a hairspray bottle, simply pull back on the grips using a screwdriver and push down to make a bigger opening. Then, once you have a little opening, spray the hairspray in the space under the grips and then twist and pull them off. This little hairspray trick should help them to come off very easily.

Putting on the new grips

When you need to put on new grips, its basically the reverse of what you just did to remove them. So, since the old grips are off, simply spray a bit of hairspray into the new grips and allow them to stand for a minute or so. After that time has elapsed, slide the grips onto the scooter bars while making a twisting motion. Due to the hairspray, they should very easily slide in with a little elbow grease. This will make your grips have what is typically called a throttle grip where they can spin back and forth with great ease, which increases the ride difficulty. This is only for 12 hours so you shouldn’t ride for that period. It may be best to do this before you go to bed so you can ride your scooter the next day.

Once you have your grips on, you’ll need to fit in the bar ends. So, simply line up the bar ends with the logo facing whichever direction you prefer and then use a rubber mallet to hammer each one in. If you’re very strong you can do this by hand. If you’re not so strong and don’t have a mallet, you can use anything hard that you have available such as a piece of a concrete brick, hammer etc. You can even use the road if you’re out of options!

Cleaning Your EScooter

Once you’re using your scooter, it will get dirty with lots of grime in the crevices. So, it is best that you clean your scooter at least once every month. This will go a long way in getting rid of any built up dirt, mud and grease.

Some of the things you’ll need to clean include:

  • Water bottle with a spray head
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • Paint brush with long bristles
  • Cleaning solution
  • Warm water

When cleaning, you’ll have to focus most of your efforts on the wheels, deck and brakes. The areas such as the controllers, handle bars etc won’t likely get very dirty.

Step 1

When cleaning the controllers, handle grips and LCD, you should use a microfiber cloth that is only slightly damp to wipe.

Step 2

Next, take the dry paintbrush and use it to brush the wheels, brake pads, discs, hubs, tires, brake calipers etc. This is important to remove any dirt, debris and dust. Ensure that you battery charger port is also completely closed and sealed before you get started.

Step 3

Place warm water into the spray bottle and add cleaning solution if you desire. Be careful with the type of cleaning solution that you use since you definitely don’t want any harsh chemicals on your terminals since they can cause corrosion as times goes by and lead to more issues. Spray the water or cleaning solution over your tires, wheels, deck and brakes in order to wash them.

Step 4

A microfiber cloth should then be used to wipe all of the wet areas and clean off the dirt. If you encounter any areas that have difficult to remove dirt, then use the paintbrush to remove them. Make sure that you soak the paintbrush in water or soapy water to do so. Once the dirt is removed, make sure to wipe the area with a damp microfiber cloth.

Step 5

Once the previous step is complete and the scooter is clean, use a dry cloth to dry the scooter. Ensure that you completely dry it since water marks will leave unsightly stains.

Grease the suspension and mobile joints as required

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned and dried the scooter and wheels, make sure to also attend to the brake pad. This is extremely important and make sure that you clean it in the same way that you cleaned the wheels. You should know if your brake pad is dry, it will cause problems in the long term and even completely wreck your braking system. This applies for most bikes, cars and scooters. So, once you have cleaned the brakes, make sure and lubricate them. However, consult your manual before doing so since there are certain models that don’t require it.

In order to lubricate the brake pads, you’ll need to use either Vaseline, oil or WD-40. Only use small amounts and make sure that you turn the wheel while applying so that the entire pad is covered and the lubrication is evenly distributed. If you lubricate the pads too much this will make your brakes unresponsive when you use them due to too much slipping.

While you are lubricating the brake pads, you should also do the moving joints. Make sure and lubricate the moving joints that are located near the quick release clamp for the handle as well as the suspension. Be sure to also lubricate the handlebar’s stem and the pins which are responsible for connecting the wheels to the scooter body. However, avoid overdoing it to be safe.