Xiaomi M365 Pro

This is an in-depth, data-driven review of the Xiaomi M365 Pro – the most popular model of Xiaomi eScooter. This electronic scooter is a bit heavier and slightly larger than the original Xiaomi M365. This is because it is an improved version of Xiaomi 365. Its motor is beefed-up and packs in 70% more range. Generally, it is a great upgrade to the original version and the world’s most popular Xiaomi eScooter, which you can check out with our other Xiaomi electric scooters here.

Xiaomi M365 Pro – Tech Specs

  • Water Resistance – IP54
    Max Rider Weight – 100 Kg
    Weight – 14 Kg
    Tested Rage – 40.4 km*
    Tested Top Speed – 25.8 km/h*

Xiaomi M365 Pro – Features

  • Inconsistent availability and pricing
    Great quality
    Decent power
    Good design
    Long real-world range

Xiaomi M365 Pro – Summary

The Xiaomi M365 Pro is also known as Mijia Pro. It is one of the most popular entry-level Xiaomi scooters in the world. It is an improved version of the original Xiaomi M365. And you can now find it in North America.

The Xiaomi M365 looks like the original. However, a bright LED information display is built-in and the scooter is a bit larger all around. It is large to allow more room on the deck to provide extra space for packing in its 474 W hour battery pack. The Xiaomi scooter is also comfortable because of the space on the deck.

The scooter has a remarkable 40.4 km range because of the larger battery pack. It has a 15.6 second 60m, 10 percent grade hill climb time and 0 to 24 km/h acceleration time of 5.3 seconds because of its powerful 300W motor (600W peak).

Many owners had grievances with the display of the original version, so the new information display addresses these grievances. The display shows error status, Bluetooth connection, lights, mode, battery capacity, and speed. Much of the design of the original, such as folding-mechanism, brakes, tires, and accelerator, remains the same.

The increased power and range cost more in terms of weight and money, even though we love it. The M365 Pro weighs 14 kgs, costs 30-40% more, and is 15 percent heavier than the original version. However, the price is worth it due to the upgraded motor and 70% increase in range, so choose M365 Pro over the cheap M365.

Xiaomi M365 Pro Review

You must kick the M365 Pro to start because it has no zero start mode. Its acceleration is good on flat terrain because of its electric motor. The motor produces a 600 W peak and 300 W of continuous power.

The Xiaomi scooter launches under max throttle to deliver a 0 to 24 km/h time of 5.3 seconds. It is a bit slower than the swift EMOVE Cruiser, having a recorded time of 3.4 seconds. However, the M365 Pro is faster than the original version.

To compare the M365 Pro’s performance with other Xiaomi scooters we have reviewed, check out our performance page.

Hill Climbing

The scooter is great at climbing hills than the other entry-level scooters, such as the original M365. The recorded ESG certified hill climb time of the Pro is 15.6 seconds (74 kg rider, 10% average grade, 60m). The time is much better than the time of all scooters under 600 US Dollars we have tested. The time is almost the same as the time of the most powerful electronic scooter called Fluid FreeRide Horizon.

That is why the Pro will never have a problem in practically almost all hills in most cities. The Xiaomi scooter will slow down on very steep stills. However, the scooter will stop on only the steepest hills.

Top Speed

The maximum speed of the Xiaomi Pro is capped at 25.5 km/h. It is a good pace, even though it may not sound fast. You can use firmware hacks to unlock the speed to higher speeds.


After testing the Xiaomi Pro, we found that the 474 W hour lithium-ion battery gave it an unbelievable 40.4 km of ESG certified range. If you consider the light 14 kg weight of this scooter, the scooter has the best range per weight of all the Xiaomi scooters we have tested.

The range of original was quite good, but the range of the Pro is around 70 percent more than the original. Remember, we use the same urban track to range test every scooter. The track has rough terrain, hills, and many stops. The design of the ride stimulates a real, fast urban commute.

Check out our real-world testing page to compare the tested range of the Pro with other scooters.


There is a rear mechanical brake and front regenerative brakes in this scooter. It took us 4.6 meters to bring the scooter to a stop from 24 km/h when we were performing a braking test. The result is excellent.

A single brake lever activates both braking systems. A cable controls brake activation. However, the well-designed cable routing makes brake activation to be smooth. Owners can use the Bluetooth-connected app to adjust the strength of the regenerative braking. The maximum setting is more substantial.

Ride Quality

The Xiaomi Pro is one of the quickest Xiaomi scooters because of the combination of geometry, pneumatic tires, and reasonable weight.

The carving on the 5 cm wide tires of the Xiaomi M365 Pro feels natural. It is easy to control the scooter because the tires have enough grip and size. The handlebars are 1.0 cm higher and 1.0 cm wider. The deck is 1.0 cm wider and 5.1 cm longer than the original. The rider is more stable and

comfortable than the original because of the upsized geometry of the pro.

The ride quality is decent thanks to the large 21.6 cm pneumatic tires, even though there is a lack of an integrated suspension. The tires can soak the punishing vibrations on the road, even in rough patches and on the pavement. You will feel large steps and potholes on the road. The scooter takes out some of the stings.

If you ride your scooter on terrible roads regularly, you might want to check out scooters with larger tires or dedicated suspensions.


The Pro is a modestly portable scooter. However, Glion Dolly is portable because it has been completely optimized for portability. That is why the Pro is not as portable as the Glion Dolly.

The weight of the scooter is 14 kg. It is easy to fold it to a compact 112 cm by 43 cm x 48 cm. It is a tad wider and only 5 cm longer than the original. The folding-mechanism remains identical to that of the original. In the original, the folding-mechanism was imperfect but functional. The folding-mechanism is a single lever, so put it down to unlock it, and lift it up to lock it. The rotating plastic safety collar on the folding-mechanism prevents the rider from accidentally pulling it while riding.

It is easy to carry the scooter when folded because the stems lock into the rear fender. It is a little bit harder to move it around because it is 14 kg while the weight of the original is 12 kg. However, many riders cannot notice the difference in weight because it is small enough to notice.

The handlebars do not fold, even though the stem folds. Therefore, the 43 cm handlebars of the scooter remain wide, even though folding reduces the size of the Xiaomi scooter. That is why it is challenging to bring the scooter on public transportation. If you want something for younger children – we stock a selection of range of kids electric scooters too.


The LED information screen is at the center of the cockpit. The original has four useless dots, so this is a good addition. It has a bright display screen. The screen displays lights, Bluetooth connection, mode, batter, and speed. The purpose of the single central button is to power the Xiaomi scooter on/off, switch lights on/off, and change modes, just like in the previous version.

There are LCD and brakes in the M365 Pro’s cockpit.

The three modes of the eScooter limit top speed to 26 km/h (Sport), 19 km/h (Standard), and 14 km/h (Eco). The display dims to adapt to night riding when the rider turns on the lights.

There are familiar controls on each side of the handlebars. The controls are the same as those on the original Xiaomi M365, including quality grips, accelerator, bell, and brake lever.

If you want to experience an M365 for the first time, just know that the brake and accelerator lever feel premium and solid. The aluminum brake’s mechanical action is crisp. The lever feels good on the hand. The lever is also wide.

Xiaomi uses thick plastic to make the accelerator, which has a rubberized thumb pad. The scooter has a smooth mechanical action. The Xiaomi scooter has an appropriate motor response.

The feeling of the grips is substantial. Rubber nubs dot the grips. The little touches may seem small. However, they make Xiaomi come on top of the cheap and average electronic scooters.

The Xiaomi Pro comes with a smartphone app because it is Bluetooth-enabled. Its app is not terribly useful, just like in the original version. However, the apps offer health information about the scooter. It is also easy to set regenerative braking strength using the app.


There are rear LED taillight and handlebar-mounted front LED headlights on the scooter. Braking your scooter activates the rear LED taillight. The most appreciated feature is the high-mounted headlight. It improves visibility by projecting light further ahead.

However, there is no light on the scooter that is bright. We encourage you to get extra ultra-bright lights because you need to watch out for scooter hazards, such as potholes on the road.


There are front and rear 21.6 cm by 5 cm pneumatic inner tube tires on this scooter. The purpose of the air in the tires is to cushion your ride and the purpose of the supple rubber is to offer the best performance in wet conditions.

Unfortunately, the tires prone to flats are air-filled. As we were testing the Pro, we experienced one. Do not let this drawback discourage you. We still choose pneumatic tires because of the safety benefits and performance. Also, it is easy to prevent most flats and you can use tire slime to repair them.


The size of the deck is big enough. A rubberized layer covers the deck. The layer provides traction. If you have been inside the original version, you might have seen that the Pro is 1.0 cm wider and 5.1 cm longer. The deck is comfortable because of the increased size. There is extra space for your feet.

Warranty / Post-Purchase Support

The manufacturer of the Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro offers a one-year warranty.

However, we do not have experience with the customer service of Xiaomi. The seller offers additional protections, but it depends on where you purchase your electronic scooter.

Build Quality

There is a variation in quality because we love reviewing high-performance beast electronic scooters that are manufactured on a smaller scale. However, the Xiaomi M365 Pro benefits from streamlined production because it is mass-produced. The Pro can tolerate water splashes thanks to its water-resistance IP rating of IP54.

The quality, packaging, fit and finish, and overall assembly are excellent. The scooter comes with nicely finished surfaces. The mechanicals of the scooter move smoothly and its parts feel tightly assembled.

The construction and the parts are not only light weight. They are also less durable in the long term. This is because of the low price point of this electronic scooter. That is why there are common issues with the scooter. For example, repeated loading can fracture the aluminum tab in the folding mechanism on older M365s. We understand that this issue has been resolved. However, we know these issues occur regularly because of the lighter construction of the scooter.

The build quality of the Pro is as good as the build quality of the scooters at this weight and price, despite the issues.

Review Conclusions – Is the Xiaomi M365 Pro Useful?

In general, the new Xiaomi M365 Pro is one of the best electronic scooters. It comes with much better improvements than the previous version. It is comfortable to ride because of the upsized framed. The range of the Pro is extended by the increased battery capacity. The upgraded motor not only offers more pep for heavier riders and on the flat. It also improves hill climbing.

It is no surprise that pricing and availability are the main drawbacks of this scooter.

We stock the Xiaomi X365 eScooter.