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The Inmotion S1 is a large, solid escooter that can travel longer distances versus it’s rival, the Ninebotin motion l9 G30 Max. When you turn the S1 on, the automatic indicators flash. Other features of the S1 include a full suspension and an IP55 water resistance rating. The Inmotion S1 has 33% more than the Ninebot in terms of range, reaching up to thirty miles at full speed in real-world conditions. This next-generation escooter can be controlled by the handy Inmotion mobile app.

InMotion S1 Details

The Inmotion S1 eScooter is the latest technology developed by Inmotion’s company. It supersedes the previous S1 model by so many of its features.
Their range has substantially been increased up to 60 miles. The scooter has a compact design and is still sleek making it an incredible invention.

The brake system of the S1 is dual incorporating an electromagnetic regenerative brake on both front and rear. As well as this, it has been rear wheel drive to give you that extra boost when tackling inclines.

For rides on uneven surfaces, the escooter pneumatic tires, a widened deck, and a dual suspension make it comfortable to use.

InMotion S1 Battery

The battery can be charged twice as fast by the dual charge feature which allows two chargers to charge a battery at the same time. This reduces the charge time by more than 50% reducing the time used from seven hours to 3.6 hours saving a lot of valuable time.

The Inmotion S1 has an amazing waterproof feature which is not common amongst other scooters. The body is IP55 rated, the battery is IPX7 rated, and the controller IPX6 rated.
Waterproof features come in handy during the rainy seasons.
The S1 can climb steep hills due to its 500W motor and subsequent powerful battery. The S1 can comfortably climb a 30-degree steep hill. These features combined and many others make the Inmotion S1 eScooter the best option..

It should be noted that the Inmotion S1 is for private land use only..

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Are you looking for an eScooter to keep you going for miles and miles and miles? Well we have just what you need. The InMotion S1 boasts a whopping 95km range and a 500 watt motor as well as a dual suspension setup to tackle any day to day surface. Couple all those with it’s ability to climb 30% slopes and you have the perfect urban explorer machine. After all this exploring, fold your scooter up and take it wherever you go.

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