Topping the Himo range, the C30S is an amazingly high quality model which is more than capable of day long adventure and then a little bit more. When you first see it, you will immediately spot its sleek and modern design showing its credentials as a rapid road bike. It also has a 250w motor and a 9-speed Shimano drivetrain giving a wide range of quality, smooth changing gears getting you all the way up to 25kph meaning you can fly along to your destination.

Himo C30S Details

The Himo C30S makes use of the latest technology created by Himo and is the range topping bike from them. What does this actually mean for you, the user? Well, it means you can get up to 75km pedal assist on a single charge thanks to the 10AH battery. Said battery comes from Samsung making it of the highest quality plus it means it is highly efficient by being low weight and powerful. It has a massive life cycle of up to 1500 charges and should last you for a long time in the bikes lifespan. If you want to charge the battery when on the go, this can be done too. You can just pull it out of the frame and carry it with you and charge it up.

Going a little bit more into the motor, it has a torque sensor built in. This means that the bike will match the power that you put into it and give you the correct level of assistance and give you the smoothest feeling acceleration possible. All you have to do is pick the level of assistance you would like, pedal and then you are good to go. This motor is paired with a 2×9 drivetrain with a Shimano Sora rear derailleur giving you nice and sharp shifts all through the gear range.


The C30S is chocked full of features such as a coloured display giving you all the info you need such as power, speed and battery life. On top of this the bike comes with a premium Selle Royale saddle giving you a comfy position on the bike. Underneath this, you will have a built in bike pump meaning you will have a very handy piece of kit with you all the time. You can will always be visible thanks to the bikes bright front and rear lights illuminating your journey.

Some assembly required



Looking for a sporty ebike? Look no further than the C30S. Boasting a Shimano Sora 9-speed cassette, drop handlebars and a lightweight ebike design  the C30S is an excellent choice. Add into this it has Tektro disc brakes and a powerful 250w motor and you are making a great move.


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