Ado A16 XE


Get some massive features for a budget friendly price. The Ado A16XE has some competitor beating tech for a fraction of the cost. With a 250w motor and up to 70km of range is sure to be perfect every commute or city excursion you will have.


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Dip your toe into the world of ebikes with the amazing package that is the Himo A16XE. When first looking at the A16XE you will notice its compact design, making it the perfect bike for commuting or short journeys around town. This clever design means getting through traffic, negotiating bike paths or anything else that will confront you in the urban jungle will be a breeze. The 70km range will let you keep going and going on your trip.

Ado A16XE Details

The Ado A16XE lets you enjoy some of the best technology on the market at an entry level price with a clear gap in terms of quality and reliability versus its competitors at the same price point. As mentioned before, its compact design means it is the perfect choice for your commute if you are moving between buses, trains and cars. You can just fold it up and hop on to any public transport safe in the knowledge that the bike is there with you.

Tackling tricky urban conditions will be a breeze thanks to the bikes powerful 250w motor letting you just glide along. When it comes to stopping, the bikes mechanical disk brakes will be more than capable of dealing with any rain or poor conditions that come your way. Add to this, a set of grippy tyres and you will be more than fine no matter what happens.

Ado A16XE Features

With a massive range of premium features at such a low price the Ado A16XE is really far ahead of competitors. Utilising its 3-speed pedal assist mode, you will be able to find the perfect cadence no matter what you are facing into. On top of this you will get an ever reliable 7-speed Shimano drivetrain that will keep working for years and years.

The built in lights mean that you will be visible both day and night, worry free about getting caught out with a dead light battery mid-cycle. Speaking of battery, you can easily remove the battery on the scooter and carry it with you making charging as easy as can be. Avoiding having to pull the bike into your home or office to try and charge it up.

The Ado A16XE is an excellent way to start off your cycling journey without breaking the bank. Easy to use and convenient it really is an all rounder.


Delivery 3-10 Business Days

Some assembly required

Additional information


Max Range: 70km Pedal Assist

Max Speed: 25kph

Rated Voltage: 48V

Charging Time: 5-6H

Product Weight: 21kg

Drivetrain: Shimano 7 Speed

Maximum Load: 120kg

IP Rating: IPX5


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