FLJ eScooters

Experienced research and development engineers are the people that established FLJ . FLJ collaborates with university scientific research institutes and is professionally engaged in both the electrical and industrial design of escooters.

The company has all kinds of advanced equipment used in the manufacture and testing of
products. All the company’s products meet the international standards for FCC, CCC, ROHS,
and CE certificates.

FLJ produces some of the fastest and greatest range escooters on the market. The
company’s expertise in the field is not to be underestimated or even ignored. It is the brand for
people looking to enjoy e-scooters on a whole new level.

For example, the FLJ Speedbike SK3 has a 6,000W dual engine and is capable of reaching
speeds of 120km (just below 75 miles) per hour and a range of 120km. That’s actually fast
enough to travel on the motorway in the UK and faster than the average speed of a UK train.

The FLJ K6, on the other hand, can travel at speeds of 85km (just below 53 miles) per hour, and
it can take you up to 150km (93 miles) on a single charge. That’s London to Oxford (about 55
miles) on just one charge with plenty to spare.

This scooter is purely for adults and not a child’s electric scooter.